Past Campaigns

SUDEP Action Day (previously SUDEP Awareness Day) brings organisations and people together
to raise awareness of SUDEP worldwide.

The campaign has grown from strength to strength, with more epilepsy organisations, people with epilepsy, health professionals, campaigners and bereaved families taking part in the event every year.

On this page, we highlight some key campaign achievements since its launch in 2014.

Get involved in this year’s event. Whether you are someone with epilepsy, a campaigner, bereaved, a health professional or part of an organisation – there are plenty of ways you can be part of this global event.

SUDEP Action Day 2019

Last year we asked you to take #5forEpilepsySafety encouraging people to take small positive steps towards reducing epilepsy risks.

Your support meant that we were able to raise awareness of epilepsy risks and SUDEP to even more people in 2019:

  • There were nearly 100 organisations involved
  • The microsite was viewed over 3,400 times on the day
  • Our messages reached over 78,000 views across social media

SUDEP Action Day 2018

For SUDEP Action Day 2018 we wanted you to #ACT by Asking questions, Communicating and Taking positive action.

With your help last year, we were able to reach more people than ever before!

  • There were 84 organisations involved
  • The microsite was viewed over 2000 times on the day
  • Our messages reached over 67,000 views across social media

SUDEP Action Day 2017

The 2017 theme was WHY –  SUDEP Action know that the topic of SUDEP raises a lot of questions.  SUDEP Action Day 2017 helped shed light on the challenges, the WHY questions that SUDEP raises, see what answers are already out there, the action being taken and what more needs to be done.

Also, for the 2017 event, a brand new look and feel was revealed, along with a new name to reflect the need for action – SUDEP Action Day!

It was a successful event – thank you to everyone who got involved!

  • Over 50 global organisations registered their support and took part in some way
  • Our messages reached over 46,000 people people across social media

SUDEP Awareness Day 2016

The 2016 theme was United Against SUDEP, encouraging the epilepsy community across the globe to stand together in raising awareness of SUDEP. The three-day weekend event was bigger and better than previous years, thanks to everyone who got involved!

  • 82 organisations registered their support
  • over 260 organisations took part in some way
  • Our messages reached over 1.6 million people
  • Nearly 49,000 people visited the microsite – from over 99 countries

SUDEP Awareness Day 2015

The theme for this year was Are you SUDEP Savvy? The theme was chosen in order to encourage people to learn about SUDEP and ways they can reduce their risk.

  • 52 organisations registered their support for the awareness day.
  • The campaign reached over 8.7 million people
  • Over 130 organisations used and shared the campaign materials with the Key Messages on social media, and helped us reach around 1.6 million people on Facebook and another 420,000 on Twitter.
  • The campaign micro-site has had over 13,000 views and around 6,000 visitors.
  • We reached a readership of over 6.8 million through newspapers.

SUDEP Awareness Day 2014

The first ever international awareness day was launched on the 23rd of October. On the day, we shared the Be smart, Be safe steps that people with epilepsy can take to reduce their risk of SUDEP.

  • A total 45 epilepsy organisations from around the world supported the campaign.
  • The campaign reached around 3.5 million. In the UK, the campaign was officially launched at a reception at the Houses of Parliament in London.
  • The campaign was hailed as a great initiative and generated a lot of interest and messages of support from around the world.