The Bereaved

SUDEP Action Day is a day to remember all those who have died from SUDEP and to raise awareness of the risks, so that lives may be saved.

No person is ever truly alone.

Those who live no more,

Whom we loved,

Echo still within our thoughts,

Our words, our hearts.

And what they did

And who they were

Becomes a part of all that we are,


by Richard Fife

If you wish to join with us and commemorate the life of someone who has died, please share a photo and their name via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags:



Other epilepsy-related deaths:

While remembering those who have died from SUDEP, we also ask that you remember the people who have died from other epilepsy-related causes. While SUDEP Action Day is intended to help shine a light on SUDEP to help raise awareness of the risk of it, we must not forget the pain of grief felt by all those bereaved ~ our thoughts are with you.