Be a part of SUDEP Action Day – 23 October 2019

SUDEP Action Day is a special day which brings organisations and people together to raise awareness of SUDEP worldwide. Originally launched on 23 October 2014 (as SUDEP Awareness Day), it shines a light on the largest cause of death in people with epilepsy, helping empower people through increased awareness.

Because there are 21 epilepsy-related deaths a week in the UK alone – awareness is not enough, it’s time to take action!



This year's theme - #5forEpilepsySafety

As leaders in SUDEP and epilepsy deaths for over 24 years, SUDEP Action know the topic of SUDEP raises questions and can be worrying for some to think about. But SUDEP Action Day is here to help people take small positive steps towards reducing epilepsy risks.

This year we want you to take #5forEpilepsySafety

Whether you choose to do one thing or five (or more!) taking #5forEpilepsySafety can help save lives by sharing risk factors, asking questions, writing to your MP or talking about your epilepsy with friends and family.

How you can take part

How you do that is entirely up to you, but here are just five suggestions on how you can get your supporters involved in SUDEP Action Day to get you started.

Take #5forEpilepsySafety to –

  1. Encourage people to talk about epilepsy risks and SUDEP with their health professional
  2. As people to download and/or complete EpSMon (UK only) – helping to self-monitor their epilepsy
  3. Increase  knowledge of SUDEP (using our free resources/leaflets)
  4. Ask people to use tools like seizure diaries, medication reminders, etc. to help those with epilepsy stay in control
  5. Share SUDEP and epilepsy risk information wider – to friends and family


Why it's easy to join

No matter how big or small, we would love for you to be part of it and take #5forEpilepsySafety.

It could be via any of these simple ways:

  1. Just like, share or retweet our social media posts on the day
  2. Use the hashtags – #SUDEPActionDay2019 and/or #5forEpilepsySafety
  3. Change your social media profile picture to the event logo or download our SUDEP Action Day social media covers here
  4. Take to social media using the SUDEP Action Day resources
  5. Create a news article for your organisation’s website to share how you are supporting the day

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #SUDEPActionDay2019 and #5forEpilepsySafety so we can see what you are doing and cheer you on. We also love to see pictures of how other organisations are getting involved so do send them through!

As usual, we’ve created new resources to help your organisation take part in the day – these are available to download here.

There is also a new t-shirt transfer will be available this year to also help you show you’re getting involved in this worldwide event.

Register your support today and be part of a global campaign to reduce SUDEP and save lives.

For further support and queries contact our Communications Manager:


Why will you benefit from taking part?

There are many benefits to participating in this global awareness day. You will:

  • be a part of a worldwide event to reduce SUDEP
  • be part of a global movement to promote better monitoring of safety and risk in epilepsy
  • encourage people with epilepsy to learn about SUDEP
  • have access to free downloadable SUDEP Action Day resources for use on the day
  • have the opportunity to raise funds for your own SUDEP awareness event

Register your support today and be part of a global campaign to reduce SUDEP and save lives.

For further support and queries contact our Communications Manager:


We look forward to you joining us this year!

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